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Our book, Rockstar Retirement Programme: How To Retire Like A Rockstar, has been getting great feedback. Here is a selection of comments.

We are especially proud of this review by Tony Robinson OBE
The Micro Business Champion

The author of this fabulous, emotional roller coaster of a self-help book is twenty years younger than I am but he has researched, experienced through others, and understood ‘retirement’ to the point where a ‘normal retirement age’ is a meaningless, enthusiasm sapping concept. This book challenges us, at all ages, to make the most of our one shot at life.

It’s never too late to retire like a rockstar but the sooner, the better. This book made me laugh and made me cry, but its greatest gift to me was to shake me out of any complacency so that I commit to enjoying doing more faster. Dominic Watson is not prescriptive and recognises everyone’s self-actualisation needs are different. He presents us with a wide range of options, ‘how to’ tips, practical financial guidance and real-life stories to inspire us into willing action on a fulfilling way to live the remainder of our lives.

I cannot think of a self-help book like it nor of one I’ve enjoyed reading more. There are two reasons why this comprehensive, action-oriented and well-researched book on the subject of ‘retirement’ held my attention from beginning to end.

Firstly, the rock star analogy is compelling. It is always interesting and often tragic, for example, the ‘27 club’ of stars like Hendrix, Morrison and Winehouse who died at that young age, by accident or from self-inflicted harm. It is often about making a difference rather than about status among peers and it is sometimes inspirational, for example, the energy, enthusiasm and fitness of Mick Jagger in his seventies. But, for me, the most influential aspect of the fulfilled and legacy-making rock star life is its anti-establishment, relationships rather than wealth, focused on the present and optimistic about the future approach to every gratefully received hour of existence.

Secondly, most self-help books are a re-hash of received wisdom that the author makes sense of in relating their own life story. Dominic Watson presents others lives, many of them are his clients as a business broker, regarding the actions they have or haven’t taken to enjoy a rockstar retirement. He has interviewed individuals and couples who with very little money are achieving lifestyle, travel and community aspirations that ‘normal’ people, waiting to retire when they have a pension, and their financial advisers would say were impossible.

The author is not afraid to shock us out of complacency and routine. He knows the words of others he has met are the most influential. For example, the client who had obsessively built his ‘dream’ business and chased ‘shiny things’, status and recognition to the exclusion of building a relationship with his sons. Now in poor health, he had tried and failed to repair the family ties. “Dominic, if I could go back and change things I would. All of these things,’ he said, pointing at his mansion ‘ means nothing. I would give them up in an instant to have a closer relationship with my children and grandchildren’.

Above all this is a ‘how to’ book that is enthralling, will make you smile, look forward to fun and fulfilment and give you the map and tools to ‘retire’ on your terms as early as you possibly can. To use a cliché I’ve never used before in any of my reviews this book ‘should be prescribed free by the NHS’ as it delivers happiness, healthy minds and bodies. Fulfilled individuals leaving as their legacy ‘a mark not a scar’ means a more compassionate society too. The ‘Rockstar Retirement Programme’ #rocks.

In the Rockstar scenario, retirement planning is about more than just wealth accumulation. It’s about living the life you want, striking the right balance between time and money, and looking after yourself. It is definitely something that comes with age, this realisation that money alone is not everything. Forget wanting to be disgustingly rich, now I want to have time to enjoy a more modest bank balance. Or as the saying of summer 2018 goes, ‘making memories’ is where it’s at ….

… The book is practical rather than academic. There are exercises on which to reflect, points to think about, ideas to explore. It’s an accessible read but it’s very comprehensive too, and entertaining to boot … while such a personable book may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I liked feeling like we were having an informal chat rather than it being just me in a room ploughing through a dreary guide to old age until I died (prematurely) of boredom.

… This book should, if all goes to plan, make you happy.

This is an extract from a professional review by Zoe Morris

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How To Retire Like A Rockstar


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