We believe in living a life less ordinary! Don’t wait until you retire or ‘have more time’ to live your life to the full, instead get out there and experience life from the little things to the big whopping scary things. 

As a business owner, taking yourself out of your business, seeking out new passions or trying new activities can help you to be more creative, gain new insights and fresh ideas. It also helps you as person to stay interesting, meet new people and to get some much needed headspace.

So here at the Rock Star project we’re compiling a collection of bucket list ideas and opportunities to give you the nudge to try new things and just do it!

Looking for a great way to give back and improve your health and wellbeing? Give parkrun a go!

Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. The project is also a perfect opportunity to volunteer, to get involved and join a community. 

Taking place in pleasant parkland surroundings, people of every ability are encouraged to take part; from those taking their first steps in running to Olympians; from juniors to those with more experience; or those who don’t want to run but want to help marshall the event, all are  welcome.

What a brilliant way to get out, get fit, and get social!

Take a look at our video below to find out more.

Video ThumbnailPark Run - youtube Video

Want to find out more about parkrun?

Check out the Park Run website. They have lots of information and a useful tool to find events near you.

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