Is it time to add wild swimming to your bucket list?

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What is wild swimming and why should it be on my bucket list?

Wild swimming is the amazing experience of swimming outdoors, completely immersed in nature.

No chlorine or crowded pool lanes, but also no lifeguards, safety boats or snack vending machines!

Is it an extreme sport? Should wild swimming only be on the bucket list of adrenaline junkies?

Wild swimming is  certainly an amazing multi-dimensional activity and experience. However, as the video above illustrates, it does not have to be approached like an extreme sport.  For safety reasons, you do have to be a reasonably confident swimmer, but you don’t have to be a fast and you certainly don’t need to be young.  Wild swimming and the next best thing open water swimming are increasingly enjoyed by a cross section of ages and abilities. Crucially, this is not something you have to wait to do on holiday.  Do a quick internet search and you will find a local lake or quarry with beginners session available, often even in the middle of winter!

However, before jumping straight into the water,  find out more with our in depth open water and wild swimming Q&A. Which tackles safety and all of those questions you might never dare to have asked. 

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Our recommended drink for the experience:

On this [rare] occasion, we would recommend forgoing alcohol on the grounds of safety and thermoregulation! Instead take a flask of hot green tea from: The Lost Tea Company Origin: Myanmar [formerly known as Burma] The producer’s website spiel describes it as: “A neat, well made leaf with a refreshing, light and clean liquor.  Extremely drinkable in the morning and sure to  put a spring in your step.”   We say:  A lovely and suitably exotic, natural cuppa to warm up with after an invigorating wild swim.  As well as great taste, the tea comes from a small passionate, innovative company.  A brand and product with full gold plated ethical business credentials for the environmental and socially conscious.  ******* If you have not yet tried it, check out their unique fermented green tea salad! An absolute must for your food bucket list *******

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