Try Gazpacho

Gazpacho A Refreshing Spanish Cold Soup

Some food combinations just sound plain wrong..

Comedian Peter Kay famously drew our attention to how weird garlic bread sounds when you take the time to think about it:

“Garlic bread? Garlic and bread?!” 

And of course cheese cake:

“cheese and cake… a cake of cheese!?”

Gazpacho [a cold soup from the Andalusian region of Spain] definitely is another weird sounding food that is worthy of adding to this list of strange sounding, but delicious culinary creations.  Somehow against all the odds, cold soup, when eaten in the right context just works.

Our Recommended wine for the experience

With not a hint of forest floor in sight 😉 we recommend:

A Glass of Blue Wine

Why not kill 2 bucket list items in one sitting?

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