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For those who dare to brave the deep, scuba diving is an experience like no other.  Unrestrained by the shackles of gravity, once comfortable and acclimatized to the unfamiliar new world, one obtains a unique feeling of absolute freedom: The ability to truly move in 3 dimensions, the sensation of flying.

Diving is an experience that involves a fundamental mental and physical reliance on technology and equipment to sustain the human body is an environment that it was not evolved to survive in.

Until Elon Musk delivers on his lofty ambitions, diving will be the closest you can get to replicate being in space and exploring a new alien world.  Yet unlike Mars or space, the underwater realm is rich in life; an amazing biosphere teaming with its own flora and fauna for you discover and interact with.

Understanding the real risks

Modern diving equipment is incredibly reliable and the leisure sector extremely well regulated.  This means that if you dive with a reputable, accredited dive school, the risks are now negligible.  However, be warned; there is an alternative danger to be aware of.  This is one bucket list item that when actioned, is likely to grow your bucket list rather than shrink it.  Most who tick off a try dive in the ocean get hooked. It is very likely that if you give it a go, you will end up with a whole new dive bucket list as a sub category of your main one.

The richness of our blue planet and the dive experience

Even in the same location, no two dives are ever the same.  All are stimulating, but some are inevitably more memorable than others.  However, it is your first ever experience of the sensation of diving in the sea that is cast iron guaranteed to become one of your life-long stand out memories.  On their first dive, people recount a number of different unique experiences.

  • A heightened awareness of the rhythmic sound of their own breathing
  • Looking up to watch the patterns of the bubbles of expelled air as they float lazily towards the surface
  • The mesmerising movement of the ocean swell on surface far above
  • Encounters with amazing aquatic life during the dive
  • Pride and satisfaction that a friend or loved one is loving the amazing experience with them; having a partner in crime to compare notes with and reflect on the experience long after it is over.

A Surprisingly Accessible activity

As an activity, scuba diving has to be the greatest of all levellers.  In the underwater world the normal relationship between youth and sporting prowess holds no sway; it is a domain where physical fitness counts for little.  The combination of fins, equipment and the buoyancy of water mean that it takes minimal effort to glide along with grace and elegance.

In the realm of Neptune, age does not discriminate.  It is a place where wetsuits and other dive equipment hide lumps, bumps and physical imperfections.  Immerse yourself in this world and vanity, status and hairstyles are all washed away on entry.  Masks make anyone that wears one look a little strange.  You will find no beauty queens or models in the deep; just the bold and adventurous. So the key question is, what are you waiting for?

Got this one in the bag and need something more challenging?  How about swimming with Great White shark?

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