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When it comes to bucket lists, the team here at RockStar Retirement are big advocates of blue sky thinking.  Blue Wine is definitely something new and very, very blue!  The world moves quickly these days and amazingly there are already  a number of competing vintages available.  The video below, was shot in Javea, Spain where we managed to get our hands on our first bottle.  Pamela Azul has an amazingly vivid colour.  Despite the over zealous ‘tasters’ actions in the video, the wine was actually pretty palatable.

Video ThumbnailBlue wine tasting - youtube Video


How do they make blue wine?

Blue wine is essentially a Chardonnay which goes through the pulp of red grape skin which has a natural pigment called Anthocyanin within it which then turns the wine into the gorgeous blue colour and also gives it a hint of cherry, raspberry and passion fruit. Many blue wine creators also present it as organic as it contains no added chemicals or sugars.

You’ve tried Red, White and Pink so why not try Blue?!
Bucket Lists are about trying something new so take a chance on this latest craze and try Blue Wine but let us know what food you pair it with… we aren’t quite sure what it would be perfect with just yet.

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