Create & Launch a New Product, Service or Brand : The Ultimate Business Bucket List Goal

The Ultimate Business Bucket List Goal

Creativity is a curious thing. The saying goes that everyone has one good book in them.  Having had a book successfully published – in spite of my literary limitations – I would absolutely agree.  If I can do it, anyone can.  Yet this is only the tip of the creative iceberg.  I genuinely believe that everyone has a great new product or service idea within them too.

Great business ideas are all around us

  • Arriving back in England in the 1970’s having lived in Malta for 6 years and missing Mediterranean cuisine, my Mum independently came up with the concept for “dial a pizza” some ten years before Dominoes made landfall in the UK.   
  • A decade later, using the equity in our relatively modest family home as seed capital for leveraged loans, my Dad created a buy to let property empire by buying new build apartments in Salford Quays that due to infrastructure improvements and rapid gentrification was soon worth millions.

Most Ideas Are Never Acted Upon

Sadly neither of them ever managed to take these brilliant ideas off the drawing board and to manifest them in the real world.  Both were way ahead of the curve.  Had either of them executed successfully they would have made a fortune.  However, in the same way that many people have a great idea to write a book about, but never manage to execute, so many great ideas for new products, services go the same way; Amazing potential and reward left frustratingly unfulfilled and unrewarded.

The Myth About Creativity and Creative People

If you are an existing business owner then it is time to reflect on and remind yourself that you have already achieved much more than the average person.  You have already demonstrated that you are a doer, not a talker; A “manifestor” not a dreamer.  Your business was set up to meet a need or solve a problem.  It is critical to understand and appreciate that at the heart of creativity is problem solving.

Sometimes it is easy to get bogged down in the day to day operational aspects of running a business that it is easy to loose crucial thinking time that allows our creative juices to flow.  Making time away from the front line is crucial to the creative process.

The Myth About Originality And Having To Do Everything Yourself 

Even if you totally disagree with everything I have said so far and believe that you don’t have a creative bone in your body – this is still not an excuse not to harness creativity in your enterprise.  The reality is that for business owners, the idea does not even need to be your own:

  • Steve Jobs did not invent the iPhone. 
  • The Gregg family did not invent the pasty
  • Ray Crock did not start McDonalds or invent the Big Mac

Innovation and creativity are not necessarily all about coming up with brand new ideas from the drawing board, it can also involve taking someone else’s kernel of an idea or even a fully-fledged product or service, but packaging it or branding it in a way that it can be delivered or sold at scale or in a new way.  Most businesses possess people within the enterprise with great ideas ready to be harnessed.  Sometimes it is the owner, sometimes someone on the payroll.  The business owners job is to create a stimulating environment that encourages innovation and creativity.

For every Dyson, Bezos, Branson and Musk there are countless other success stories much closer than you think.  If you are looking for inspiration, we have plenty of brilliant case studies right here.  Take a look at Codilia Gapare’s amazing journey which culminated in the launch of the C-Lash brand, Connie and Marty’s adventure which culminated in the launch of W A Sandalwood Nuts and Jack and Harry’s incredible voyage to launch the unique Lost Tea Company. 

In the coming weeks and months we will be adding lots of in-depth practical resources on innovation to the Rockstar platform to help you and your team unleash your creative potential.  However, for now we have just one simple call to action.  Please add an innovation task to your bucket list and commit it to writing. **** If you have not already done so, please join our community by either subscribing to our mailing list [below] or join our Facebook Group.  Both are completely free, and will allow us to keep you accountable and on task each month. We promise NEVER to spam you or pass your details onto any third party. 

Do you have an innovation story to tell, information to share, or a question to ask?  Please join our community and let us know. 

How To Catalyse Your Creativity, Toast Your Successful Execution or Subsidise Your Innovation Project With A Tax Break

Whether to help you seek inspiration during the creative phase, or to celebrate the successful launch of your new brand or service – a glass or two of Ian Botham Wine has to be the perfect libation. Branded as great “all rounder” just like the Yorkshire cricketing great.  This product also provides a perfect example of innovation in practice.  Whilst your brand may not  be a household name like that of Sir Ian Botham, there are certainly  partnership, white labelling or other new ways you could further leverage your enterprise.

Not a wine drinker? We are all different and that is what keeps life interesting, but one universal mission that unites all business owners large or small is the mission to avoid loosing too much of your hard earned money to the tax man. Therefore the perfect practical partner for an innovation project is  R&D Tax Relief, which if your project qualifies offers a massive potential saving or even rebate – further details can be found via the link above.


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