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The Rockstar Retirement Programme:
How To Retire Like A Rockstar

Want to ramp your life up to eleven? This book will get you on your way!

Times have changed: “It is retirement Jim but not as we know it”

Our world is changing at a faster rate than ever before. In the last decade, empowered and perhaps enslaved by new technology, there have been whole paradigm shifts in the way we live our lives, communicate, and collaborate. Yet our approach to life-planning and our concept of retirement have failed to keep up. We are still following a retirement model from the age when technology meant recording the radio’s ‘Top Forty’ onto a cassette to play in your Sony Walkman.

Our understanding of health and aging has also been transformed. Yet, our current life and retirement planning pre-dates the decoding of the human genome and reflects a time when sports nutrition comprised top-class footballers drinking five pints of lager as a post-match hydration.

We now live in a world where it is normal for healthy 60-year olds to do activities that used to be the realm of 30-something’s.

In this book, Dominic Watson takes you on a very different retirement journey, one that is fun and leads to a dynamic and enthralling destination. He shows you how retirement can be done on your terms. Using incredible, real life case studies this book will give you the insights on how to live the life you want.


Dominic Watson
Author of The Rockstar Retirement Programme

Redefining retirement the Rock Star Way isn’t about turning life’s amplifier down, it’s about well and truly ramping it up to eleven and beyond!

What are you waiting for? Let’s rock!

Above all this is a ‘how to’ book that is enthralling, will make you smile, look forward to fun and fulfilment and give you the map and tools to ‘retire’ on your terms as early as you possibly can  …  this book ‘should be prescribed free by the NHS’ as it delivers happiness, healthy minds and bodies.

Tony Robinson OBE

The Micro Business Champion

What People Are Saying

Rockstar Retirement Programme: How To Retire Like A Rockstar has been getting great feedback.

Readers are saying that they find it provocative and challenging but realistic. And that it has made them think differently about how to make the very best of the rest of their life.

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