New Book Coming Soon

After the success of his debut book and audio-book version “How to Retire Like a Rock Star” [narrated by award winning actor Michael Maloney] Dominic Watson is now close to finish the exciting follow up: “How To Exit Your Business Like A Rock Star.” 

Dominic’s objectives for the his new book are: 


  • To be the catalyst, a wake up call for business owners – to provide them with a positive stimulus and motivation to  think about the present AND the future and to ensure that their businesses are aligned with and delivering the owners personal goals. 
  • To help owners to understand what exit planning actually is and why it is 100% relevant at ALL ages, stages and “wages” NOT something to be considered just before a sale is planned
  • To provide a practical resource to help the owners of SMEs to successfully implement positive change in their businesses and their personal lives. To help them create an exit of their design. The exit may be a total business sale, or simply an exit from the business dominating their lives by providing a happier work life balance
  • To ensure sure that business owners enjoy the ownership journey at all stages
  • To make sure that business owners achieve their bucket list goals on a steady ongoing basis – rather than risk an overly delayed gratification strategy

With a career spanning 20 years, Dominic has the unique insight of helping thousands of business owners to scale up, prepare and exit their enterprises at maximum value – and equally importantly an incredible passion and zeal for the subject and a desire to help as many people as possible.