Are you a business owner?
Are you living the life you have always dreamed of?

Has your business become your own personal Frankenstein?
Have you become enslaved by the very business you created to set you free?

Here at the Rock Star Project, we recognise that a desire to own a business is born from an ambition to achieve personal goals.

The most common ones are:

  • The desire to earn more money.
  • The desire to take control of our lives and become our own boss.
  • The desire to fit work around our home lives.
  • The desire to achieve a better lifestyle.
  • The desire to fulfil self-actualising drivers i.e. express ourselves through our work.

But we know that in reality owning a business can be the best of times and the worst of times. Businesses can quickly take on a life of their own and without great organisation, planning and discipline, they can become all consuming. 

We want to help you as a business owner as early as possible to get a grip on your life, to develop a solid business plan and make sure that you are driving your own future and enjoying the lifestyle that you seek and deserve before it’s too late.

Our ambition is to engage with you as early as possible through our inspiring stories, key lessons, concepts and theories from our Rock Star experts and a growing bank of real technical products and resources that you can take-away and implement immediately.

The Rock Star Project mission is:

  1. To be the catalyst, a wakeup call – to provide you with a positive stimulus and motivation to think about your future and your present.
  2. To help you to understand what exit planning is and why it is 100% relevant to you as a business owner at all ages, stages and “wages.”

  3. To provide a practical resource to help you to successfully implement positive change in your business and your personal life. To help you create an exit of your own design. The exit may be a total business sale, or simply an exit from the business dominating your life by providing a happier work life balance.


It is all too easy to get stuck in a rut and to lose a true sense of perspective. In reality, nothing is ever quite as important as it seems.  Why not try something new this month?  An experience to reawaken your sense of fun, passion and adventure.  A chance to get a better context from which to more effectively tackle your bigger goals and challenges.

Here are some tasters to get you started [or make you smile.]

Going Deeper

Find inspiration in our more in-depth case studies and articles.  Learn the skills and mindset to enhance and transform your own life journey.  

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Get Fit Like A Rockstar

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Think Like A Rockstar

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The Rockstar Retirement Programme:
How To Retire Like A Rockstar


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