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How are you getting in with your bucket list?  Are you living the life you always dreamed of?  Or do you feel that somewhere along the way your hopes dreams and aspirations got sidetracked?

Need a helping hand to get back on track?  Whether you are an ambitious entrepreneur, or simply a person seeking to get the most out of life, The Rockstar Retirement Programme is here to inspire you into action and  guide you to achieve the type of life you have always aspired to.

Get started with some fun, “easy wins” to create momentum…….

then graduate to some deeper,  more transformational resources


It is all too easy to get stuck in a rut and to loose a true sense of perspective. In reality, nothing is ever quite as important as it seems.  Why not try something new this month?  An experience to reawaken your sense of fun, passion and adventure.  A chance to get a better context from which to more effectively tackle your bigger goals and challenges.

Here are some tasters to get you started [or make you smile.]

Take a Cheeky Walk on a Red Carpet

If you have not had your 15 minutes of fame yet, then it is time to take a [cheeky] walk down a red carpet as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Our original video shows you exactly how to pull it off!...

Share a camel ride

Share A Camel Ride

A unique fusion between fun and grumpy! Learn about 'camel riding roulette' and how sharing a camel ride with a partner or travel companion may well help you appreciate them a whole lot more after the experience!...

Eat A Green Tea Salad

Your mum always told you to "eat your tea" so you know this is going to be good for you. We came across this at a food festival in Cheshire and were blown away by both the concept and the execution. This is something you just have to try....

Going Deeper

Find inspiration in our more in-depth case studies and articles.  Learn the skills and mindset to enhance and transform your own life journey.  

Eat Like A Rockstar

Food is one of life’s universal pleasures. If it is not a current passion then it is definitely time to fall in love with food again....

Get Fit Like A Rockstar

The Rock Star Retirement lifestyle is about achieving a healthy, vibrant, active existence but always with a fun twist. Check out our "exercise bucket list" and in-depth articles and Q&A resources to find inspiration to get you back...

The Rockstar Retirement Programme:
How To Retire Like A Rockstar

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