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The Rock Star Project mission is:

  1. To be the catalyst, a wakeup call – to provide you with a positive stimulus and motivation to think about your future and your present.
  2. To provide knowledge of the full spectrum of approaches to life planning in 2019 and to help you to choose one that is right for you –  whatever your age, stage and “wage”.
  3. To provide a practical resource and inspiration to help you to successfully implement positive change in your work and personal life.



We believe in living a life less ordinary! Don’t wait until you retire or ‘have more time’ to live your life to the full, instead get out there and experience life on all levels..

As a business owner, taking yourself out of your business, seeking out new passions or trying new activities can help you to be more creative, gain new insights and fresh ideas. It also helps you as person to stay interesting, meet new people and to get some much needed headspace.

Going Deeper

Find inspiration in our more in-depth case studies and articles.  Learn the skills and mindset to enhance and transform your own life journey.  

Eat Like A Rockstar

Food is one of life’s universal pleasures. If it is not a current passion then it is definitely time to fall in love with food again....

Get Fit Like A Rockstar

The Rock Star Retirement lifestyle is about achieving a healthy, vibrant, active existence but always with a fun twist. Check out our "exercise bucket list" and in-depth articles and Q&A resources to find inspiration to get you back...

Think Like A Rockstar

Learn and develop the Rockstar Retirement mind-set and approach to life via inspiring stories and practical tools. Includes an exclusive in-depth look at the story behind the amazing Codilia Gapare and the founding and launch of her...

The Rockstar Retirement Programme:
How To Retire Like A Rockstar

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